(Few recipes – As published in Dr.Elchuri’s literature)
Recipe No.1:

Take Rasanjanam, karakkaya, usirikaya in equal parts make powder and store. If the day of menstruation is counted as first, take 5 gm ofthis powder with cold water from 4th day to 16th day. Conception will be prevented. To be done every month.

Recipe No.2:
Take Pippali, vayuvidangalu, veligaram boiled on coal in equal parts (all in powder form) mix and store. Take 3 gms with milk from 4th day to 16th day. Conception can be prevented. To be done every month.

Recipe No.3:
Take 10 gms chiri vellu juice along with water of soaked rice (biyyam kadigina neeru) on 11th, 12th and 13th day. Conception will be prevented. To be done every month.

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  1. gottapu Says:

    sai garu, what is chiri vellu?

  2. Sai Sudarsanam, New Delhi Says:

    No idea. You have to try in Ayurvedic pachari shops. Perhaps some roots of tree. But you better pronounce it as chiruvellu instead chiruvaellu

  3. anamie Says:

    Thank you very much for giving very important recipes! I have tried firstone and I am going to try 2 and 3 in this weekend also! Wonderful article.!!

  4. Sai Says:


  5. prasanna Says:


    My name is prasanna. Actually naa weight sudden gaa increase avuthu vachhindi. More than 25 kgs increase ayyindi ( 2 years lo now 75kgs height 5.3). naaku vedi ( heat) problem undi. emi tinna baaga vedi chestundi. summer lo ithe mari ekkuva untundi. water taagutu undali . alaa chesinappudu baagane untundi. konchem masala tinna vedi chestundi. vedi chesindi ani elaa telustundi ante baaga daggu vastundi ( podi daggu ) ventane sugar water taagithe cool avutundi. daggu aagutundi. naa age 27 ( female). inkaa vedi ekkuva ithe 2 days varaku head ache untundi. urine problem kooda vastundi. So i need some remedy. headache migrane annaru medicines ki taggadu annaru. So yelchuri gaaru TV lo cheppinattu patika bellam night water lo vesi taagutunna. alaa chesthe taggutundi. but dialy alaa taagalsindenaa. is there any medicine for permanent solution.

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