Lungs problems arise due to continuous stay in air tight rooms, usage of mosquito coils, eating food stored in fridge. Waste gets accumulated in lungs and problems arise.
Recipe No.1:
Warm the sesame oil and apply to chest on the front and back including throat and gently massage. Foment with boiled water in which vaavilaaku or neem leaves or uttareni leaves along with a little turmeric are added.
Recipe No.2:

Yoga and Praanaayaam:
1) Supta Vajrasanam
2) Arm stretching exercises including rotation
3) Kapala bhati
4) Surya bedhana praanayaam
5) Spell out the beejakshara ‘yam’ which is related to Anahata chakra 7 or 11 times
Recipe No.3:
Foods to be avoided:
- New rice, cooked rice in cold condition, curries in cold condition, black gram, buffalo milk, buffalo milk curds, sugar, new jaggery, new tamarind.
- Avoid eating sweets.
- Kharbuja fruit, battayi, sour oranges (naarinja)
- Ladies finger, cucumber, bottle gourd.
Foods that can be taken:
- Old rice, old wheat, jaava prepared from above (Soak the rains overnight. Dry after 12 hours, fry and make ravva and store for preparing jaava), black horse gram, oats.
- Cow’s milk, butter milk prepared from cow’s curds, goat milk, candy sugar, old jaggery or thati bellam, old tamarind.
- Black grapes, dry dates
- Fresh (tender) raddish, methi, bitter gourd, powder made out of ‘curry leaves, neem leaves, tippa teega, jeera, dhania’ can be used.
Recipe No.4:
Oopiri kuttu:
Due to continuous cough, holding of breath problem arises. Bending forward and backward will be difficult. One feels better during sunshine and faces problems in the night. blood circulation decreases and palpitation increases.
Wrap red coloured cellophen paper round a bottle containing sesame oil and place it on a wooden stool for 10 to 15 days. Apply the oil to the chest and back, gently massage.
Relief from oopiri kuttu is achieved. This oil also can be used for relieving knee pains, back pains, it melts the thickened phlegm in the throat and sinus portions. The oil can be stored and used when needed. Power of this oil does not decrease even if stored for longer periods.
Recipe No.5:
Oopiri kuttu:
Due to continuous cough, holding of breath problem arises. Bending forward and backward will be difficult. One feels better during the sunshine and faces problems in the night. Blood circulation decreases and breathing problem aggrevates.
Fry ulavalu (black gram) either black or white and make powder. Take half spoon 3 times a day with warm water. Relief from oopiri kuttu is achieved.
Recipe No.6:
Fry the plantain leaf pieces till they blacken to powder. Store the powder in a bottle. Add 1 small jaggery piece and 1 or 2 gm bhasma to 1 spoon water and mix the contents. Take only once early in the morning.
Melts the phlegm from the body wherever it has got stored. All the lung problems are cleared and it is very powerful.
Recipe No.7:
Put two drops of sesame oil into both nostrils. Warm the oil and gently massage around the nose. Place your feet in hot water. Drink warm water and wrap one cloth dipped in cold water ( twist it to remove excess water) round the head for 10 to 20 min. Wrap a blanket over the body also.
Phlegm will melt wherever it is stored in the body.
Recipe No.8:
Saindhava lavanam: 50 gm
Sonti ; 50 gm
Pippali : 50 gm
Old jaggery : 150 gm
Mix all the above powders and store.
Take 10 gm powder/paste two times a day.
Cold, dammu, dhama, will reduce. Phlegm melts. Lungs will get cleared.
Recipe No.9:
Tulasi Tea:
Tulasi leaves : 10 Nos
Black pepper : 10 Nos.
Ginger : 2 gm
Pound all the contents together, mix in 2 cups water and boil on SIM till 1 cup water remains. Add candy sugar, filter and drink the tea in bearable hot condition two times a day and do not eat food till one hour or take bath within one hour.
Allergy, snoring, heavy breathing, phlegm, sneezing etc. problems will be eliminated.
Recipe No.10:
Pippali powder : 50 gm (Fry and make powder)
Saindhavalavanam : 50 gm
Old jaggery : 150 gm
Mix all the three, pound and store powder. Take 10 gm two times a day. Chew it and take inside.
Phlegm melts and Asthmatic symptoms are relieved.
Recipe No.11:
Wash raavi fruits (peepal tree fruits), dry them and pound them to powder. Sieve the powder and add equal quantity of candy sugar and store.
For 1 year children : 1 to 2 pinches with honey
For 5 to 10 years old children : 1/4 spoon with honey.
Removes phlegm from lungs. Brain power increases by 1000 times for children. Life span increases. Can be taken by children and elders even if there is no Asthma problem. They will not be attacked by Asthma in entire life and remain healthy.
Recipe No.12:
Allam Pakam:
Allam rasam : 400 gm
Old jaggery : 70 gm
Methi powder : 5 gm
Dalchin powder : 5 gm
Sonthi powder : 5 gm
Pippali powder : 5 gm
Pepper powder : 5 gm
Elachi powder : 5 gm
Cloves powder :% gm
Naga kesaralu powder : 5 gm
Akupatri (biryani leaf) powder : 5 gm
Add 70 gm jaggery to ginger juice and boil it till tender paak is obtained. Add all the powders and boil again. Then store it in a bottle.
Elders : 10 gm
Children : about 1/4 sp to 1/2 spoon as per age.
Take 1+1 time one hour before food for 40 to 60 days.
Indigestion, constipation, lack of appetite, cat’s wheezing (pilli kootalu), phlegm in throat, cold, watery eyes, watery mouth, cough, dammu, palpitation, sores in throat, voice clarity, Asthma, all respiratory problems, nose problems, head problems due to vaata get cleared.
Recipe No.13:
Take Steam with boiled water in which corriander, podina and turmeric are mixed.
Phlegm gets eliminated.

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