Recipe No.1:
Tulasi leaves powder : 100gm (Dry in shade and grind to powder)
Curry leaves powder : 100gm (Dry in shade and grind to powder)
Podina leaves powder : 100gm (Dry in shade and grind to powder)
Jeera powder : 50gm (Fry and powder)
Dhania : 50gm (Fry and powder)
Mix all powders and store
½ to 1 tsp. with water ½ hour before food for 40 days.
Heat reduces, impurities get eliminated from blood. Pitta problems are reduced. BP is controlled.

Recipe No.2:
Yoga and food precautions:
1.Dhyana in Padmasan. Visualise family God in the Hridaya chakra.
2.Avoid Gutka, brandy, whisky, tea, chilly, salt (minimize)
3.Reduce green chilly usage and substitute pepper.

4.Usage of ginger and garlic should be increased
5.Use old tamarind
6.Use Chinta chiguru powder
7.Avoid masala and N.V. food
8.Chandra bedhi Praanaayaam
9.Seethali Praanaayaam
10.Seethkari Praanaayaam

Recipe No.3:
Prepare upma of wheat ravva, moong dal, all vegetables, aaku patri along with mustard oil with ginger , jeera and saindha lavana.
The boiling of blood reduces and BP reduced.

Recipe No.4:
Mix curry leaves karam podi and Neem leaves (tender) leaves powder and take half to one spoon with water.
Blood clotting can be prevented, waste material in blood is thrown out.

Recipe No.5:
Pound togther Podina leaves + Curry leaves + Dhania leaves (coriander leaves) take in equal proportion and extract juice.
Add equal weight of candy sugar and boil it till thread paak is obtained.
2sp. Morning and evening with cold water (1/2 glass)
Can add jeera and dhania to above.

Recipe No.6:
Guiddiness comes due to excess heat in brain for BP patients. Paityam increases in liver and leads to guiddiness.
Apply Ayurvedic hair oil to head regularly.
Use sesame oil (Nuvvulu noone) or Agastya tailam or Ayurveda Prajaraksha tailam.
Massage oil on the scalp, on the left and right parts of throat in circular manner. As the oil soaks into head guiddiness decreases.
Do Chandrabedhana Praanaayaam

Recipe No.7:
(Recipe of Dr. Ajit Mehta narrated by Dr.Elchuri)
Dry usirika pieces: 5 or 6
Crushed dhania: 1 spoon
Water :150gms.
Mix all the above and store it in a mud vessel overnight. Filter in early in the morning, add 1 table spoon candy sugar powder and drink.
1.Guiddiness is relieved within one week.
2.Excess heat in head decreases.

Recipe No.8:
Cut 150 gms of bottle gourd (sora kaaya) into pieces, crush it and add to half litre drinking water. Place the contents in a cooker and boil till one whistle. Remove cooker from stove and take the contents into a glass. Drink it early in the morning daily for 4 to 7 days. If one is having high B.P. since long drink the juice from 7 to 10 days.
High B.P. problem will be eliminated.
High B.P. patients should avoid meat, hot drinks, excess salt, excess chilly, indigestive foods, hot food, pickeles, ice creams, cool drinks, curds.
Consume only those foods which get digested easily.
Eat timely Avoid unnecessary discussions, worries.
Turn to spiritual path.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    hello sir
    elchuri garu chepping gulabi lehyam tayaru chesukoni vadutunnam. kani sir naku gas form avutundi ala inappudu talanoppiga untundhi baga. ventane relif avataniki emi cheyali gas form avakunda undalante emicheyali cheppani sai garu plz

  2. Sai Sudarsanam, New Delhi Says:

    Pl use Agastya lehyam for your gas problem. It will work wonderfully. The recipe is given in the same blog. Also you can try some recipes given under 'Gas problems'.
    Keeping our digestion perfect is the first principle of Ayurveda. So pl use Agastya lehyam and after a few days you can start gulabi lehyam.

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