Heart problems arise due to arishatvargas. Feeling deficiency in life although one has everything, feeling that the life is a waste, worrying, indigestion, oversleep, frightening due to sudden loud sounds. etc are some of the symptoms. Weakness in spleen causes low B.P. which further leads to Heart problems. People taking foods having excess heat, excess cold, excess pulupu, excess chilli, excess vagaru, excess sour are generally subjected to Heart problems. Heart problems arise due to indigestion and pressure of poisonous gases on the heart. Related to Anahata chakra. Related to Mahabhutam.
Recipe No.1:

Yoga and Praanaayaama:
1) Tratak
2) Santi Sayanasanam or Savasanam
3) Seethkaari Praanaayaam
4) Moolabandha
5) Udyana bandha
6) Hridaya mudra
7) Apana Vayu mudra
Recipe No.2:
For Heart strength (Frightening due to loud sudden sounds)
Add 10 to 15 dry grapes to half glass cow’s milk or goat’s milk and 1/2 to 1 sp. candy sugar. Boil the above. Eat the dry fruit and drink the milk before going to bed. Do this for 40 days.
Heart will strengthen.
Recipe No.3:
Vamana Kriya:
Mix Saindhava lavanam in 1 litre warm water and drink early in the morning. Put fingers in the mouth and try to vomit. All the rotten things in the stomach will come out and this is good for heart.
Recipe No.4:
Place matti patti (mud pack) on stomach. This will reduce excess heat, indigestion and prevents heart problems.
Recipe No.5:
Eat fried chana one by one (20 to 40 Nos.) after chewing well. Do this daily and heart pain will be prevented.
Recipe No.6:
Fry chana, make powder, mix with little curds and take along with onion pieces like pulusu. Heart problems will be eliminated.
Recipe No.7:
Dry gunta gala gara aaku in shade and make powder and store. Take 3 pinches powder along with water two times a day. Heart pain subsides.
Recipe No.8:
Fry chana in a vessel till they blacken. Grind them and sieve the powder. Take 3 pinches powder and mix with 2 gm. jaggery. Make into ball shape and suck the juice after placing it in the mouth two times a day. Heart pain subsides.
Recipe No.9:
Soak 5 or 6 dry grapes in 1 glass water. Facing East direction drink the water early in the morning and eat dry grapes by chewing slowly one by one.
High B.P. reduces, mind attains peacefulness, cholestrol leading to heart pain reduces. Strength of heart increases.
Recipe No.10:
Heart problems due to Vaata dosha:
Pinning sensation in heart, sawing sensation in heart.
Apply warm sesame oil to the chest and gently massage. Foment with hot salt or sand. Relief will be immediate.
Perform Hridaya mudra. Poisonous gases in stomach get eliminated.
Take steam of water to which turmeric is added.
Vamu : 100 gm (Fry and make powder)
Sonti : 100 gm (Fry and make powder)
Pippali : 100 gm (Fry and make powder)
Vasa kommulu : 100 gm (Soak for 24 hours, dry and make powder)
Inguva : 100 gm ( Ponginchina inguva podi)
Saindhavalavanam : 100 gm
Souvarcha lavanam powder : 100 gm
Yava ksharamu : 100 gm
Mix all the powders and store in a bottle.
Take 1/4 spoon with 1 cup ulava kattu two times a day half an hour before food.
Old heart problems get eliminated.
Recipe No.11:
Heart problems due to Pitta Prakopam:
Body becoming hot due to excess heat. Burning sensation in heart. Squeezing inside sensation. Dry lips and blackening of lips. Hot air from nostrils and mouth. Excess sweating.
i) Chandra naadi bedhanam
ii) Seethali Praanaayaam
iii) Seethkari Praanaayaam
iv) Acupressure point of heart.
11 (b):
Recipe for burning sensation in heart:
Karakkaya powder : 5 gm
Fresh Black grape juice :5 gm
Candy sugar/taati bellam powder : 5 gm
Mix all the above and take two times a day.
Reduces heart problems due to pitta and also reduces excess heat.
Ajuna powder : 100 gm
Candy sugar powder : 100 gm
Chew 1/2 spoon powder and tke 1 cup cow’s milk or water two times a day. Heart problems arising due to Pitta prakopa eliminates. Excess pitta accumulated in stomach should go away by motion or by vomitting.
Recipe No.12:
Heart problems due to kapha:
No appetite, No taste for food, watery nose, watery mouth, Heaviness in chest, no clarity in throat, phlegm through mouth, watery eyes.
Put 2 drops nuvvula noone in both nostrils. Phlegm comes out through nose and mouth.
Lie on a navvaru cot. Add turmeric and salt to boiling water under the cot. Steam the entire back of body. This leads to sweating and poisons of body are removed.
Surya bedhana Praanaayaam.
Small elachi powder : 50 gm
Pippali bark powder : 50 gm (Fry and make powder)
Nela vemu powder : 50 gm
Mix all three powders. Take 1/4 to 1/2 spoon two times a day along with 1 spoon cow’s ghee. Heart problems due to kaphaja gets eliminated.
Wrap cotton towel dipped in hot water round the neck and chest. Wrap a dry blanket over it for 10 to 15 min and remove.
Place feet in hot water. Wrap a hot cloth around the body. Wrap a wet cloth round the head. Drink 1 glass warm water. Do this 10 to 15 min and place the feet in cold water for 10 to 15 min. Phlegm in the body melts and thrown out.
Mix Ginger juice, lemon juice and honey and take early in the morning. Eliminates kaphaja heart problems.
Recipe No.13:
Heart problems due to tridosha krimija:
When all the three doshas Vaata, kapha and Pitta increase a tendency develops such that whatever works started get stopped in the middle. If three doshas act all together on heart, words uttered have no relation to one another. Palpiation even for 2 to 4 min walk. Unconsciousness develops.
Mix sesame, jaggery and milk and drink.
Choked tridoshas in heart and impure water and germs collected in heart cause hridaya soola of 3 types. Heart swells with three doshas.
Hridya mudra: Stay in Hridaya mudra. Visualise ‘Ma’ kara of Omkara circulating the heart. All the three doshas get eliminated.
Bhramari praanaayaam:
Vaayu Vidangalu : 100 gm (or vaayu lavangalu) (Fry and make powder)
Chengalva koshtu : 100 gm (or pushkara mulam)
Mix both powders and store. These powders get infinite destructive strength of killing bad worms.
Take 1/4 spoon powder 3 times a day.
Drink cow’s urine filtered 7 times. Vaata pitta and kapha gets under control and all harmful worms are eliminated.
Recipe No.14:
i) Taking deep breath stretching arms to sides and while breathing out bring hands to namaskara position. Do this for 10 times.
ii) Taking deep breath, move the arms to up position and while breathing out to normal position.
iii) Rotate each hand around the shoulder joint clockwise and anti clockwise. Do this for 10 to 15 times.
iv) Sit in Padmasana and do praanaayaam. Basic chakra strengthens.
v) Visualise cold moon light flowing into heart and clearing the heart of all the impurities for 5 to 10 min. two times a day.
Recipe No.15:
Arjuna tea:
Tella maddi chettu (Arjuna) bark.
Wash the bark, make small pieces and dry,. Make powder.
Add 1 spoon powder to 1 glass water along with little candy sugar and cow’s milk and boil.
Take two times a day.
Within 40 days heaviness in heart, difficulty in walking, palpitation etc, will be cleared. Squeezing sensation in heart, throbbing sensation etc. will be removed. This is very good for heart problems.
Recipe No.16:
Karakkaya bark powder ; 100 gm
Kachchuralu (Gandha kachchuralu) : 100 gm
Sonti : 100 gm
Pippali : 100 gm
Sannarashtram : 100 gm
Vasa kommulu : 100 gm
Pushkaramulam :100 gm ( or chengalva kostu)
Pound karakkaya, lsonti, pippali, sanna rashtram. Add 4 to 5 drops ghee and fry. Soak vasa in a glass water placed in a pot for 24 hours. Dry them and make powder. Sieve all the powders.
Take 1/4 sp to 1/2 sp two times a day half an hour before food.
All heart problems due to Vaata, kapha and pitta get eliminated.
Recipe No.17:
Amrutha phala paaniyam:
Extract juice of apple after peeling top skin : 1 kg juice
Carrot juice : 1/2 kg
Candy sugar : 300 gm
Boil together on SIM flame till tender paak is obtained. After getting thread like paakam remove from stove and store in a bottle.
Take 1/2 spoon to 1 spoon two times a day for children and 2 spoons for elders added to 1 glass water.
Improves heart strength, blood circulation improves, palpotation, pain, weakness subside.
Recipe No.18:
Usirika powder : 100 gm
Candy sugar powder : 100 gm
Mix and store in a bottle.
Take 1/2 spoon to 1 spoon 3 times a day.
Good for heart, eyes, improves strength of heart.
Recipe No.19:
Due to excess Vaayu (or gas) fear, worry, shivering on account of small issues arise.
Podina leaves pieces : 5 gm
Black pepper powder : 1/8 sp
Water 1 cup.
Boil the above till half cup remains. Add candy sugar or thaati bellam and drink early in the morning.
Heart palpitations, throbbing will reduce.
Take 1 lemon with water or old usirika pickle/powder or raw onion or garlic in any form daily.
Fat accumulation, blood clotting are eliminated. Keeps blood in natural condition.

Cow’s milk : 1/2 glass
Munakka : 10 Nos.
Boil three times, add candy sugar powder. Eat munakka and drink the milk for 4o days early in the morning or before sleep. .
Weakness of heart, bones strength increases, fever, palpitation reduces, cholestrol decreases, improves good blood, free motion, strength to liver, spleen and heart. Relief from palpitation and throbbing.
Recipe No.20:
Food precautions:
Foods to be avoided:
- Do not take excess hot or cold foods or stored foods.
- Avoid new rice, new tamarind.
- Avoid taking excess water early in the morning as it reduces Jataragni and indigestion aries.
- Avoid pickles, foods causing thirstiness.
Foods that can be taken:
- Sit on the floor while taking food.
- Take pesara kattu or ulava kattu or yavala kattu.
- Bitter gourd, pumpkin, tender raddish, sweet pomogranate, sweet mango, dry grapes, black grapes.
- Vanta amundam instead of oil, naatu cow’s ghee can be used in seasoning.
- Methi powder and seasoning along with butter milk can be taken.
- Aamchur or dry usirika can be used.
- Worrying should be avoided.
- Take soft food before 8 P.M. in the night and eat fruits after two hours. This will cause free motion and heart problems are prevented.

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