Hair baldness arises due to

i) Non applictaion of hair oil.
ii) Development of excess heat
iii) Lack of exercises
Recipe No.1:
Yoga and exercises:

i) Spell out ‘Om’ for 10 times
ii) Sarvangasanam
iii) Ushtrasanam
iv) Shupta Vajrasanam
v) Visualisation exercise:
Sit in sukhasana posture, close your eyes and visualise your head portion. Visualise that all the excess heat from your head is dissipated. Visualise locks of silky, shinking hair growth in the bald portion without any bald patches. Do this for 10 minutes daily. Hair regrows.
Recipe No.2:
Tonsure the entire head and do the following:

i) Apply raddish juice with a cotton cloth by stretching the skin where bald is present so that the applied juice enters the blocked roots of the hair. Apply juice round the head and on the patches of hair loss before going to bed. Take bath early in the morning with Ayurvedic shampoo.
ii) Put 2 drops of sesame oil in the nostrils and breathe in. Due to this the closed pores of the root ends of hair that was lost will reopen and hair regrows.
iii) Repeat the tonsure process once again after 15 days and apply raddish juice and nose drops as mentioned above.
Benefits: Within 3 to 6 months hair regrows again in the bald portions.
Recipe No.3:
Kalabanda hair oil:
Kalabanda gujju : 1/4 kg.
Coconut oil : 1/4 kg.
Mix the above and boil on SIM flame till oil remains. Before removing from flame add a fistful of maruvam/davanam. Before the leaves turn black, remove from flame, filter and store.
Oil can be used daily. Those having hair problems, the oil should be applied in warm condition to each layer of hair till it soaks into the roots.
The roots of hair will be strengthened, excess heat in head reduces, nerves will be cooled, dandruff will be eliminated, oiliness in head goes away, itching in head vanishes, hair fall, grey hair, bald head, penukorukudu etc. problems will be solved.
Recipe No.4:
Jatamamsi : 100 gm
Chengalva kostu : 100 gm
Black sesame : 100 gm
Sugandhaphala roots : 100 gm
Tamara ginjalu : 100 gms.
Grind all the above to paste with water, add 500 gm naatu cow’s ghee and boil on SIM flame till ghee remains. Filter the ghee and store.
Apply this ghee to the head daily or atleast two times a week.
Baldhead problem will be resolved.
Recipe No.5:
Tips for Bald head problem:
i) Wrap wet cloth around head. Wrap one dry cloth over it and on the top one thikck bed sheet. Excess heat is removed, head gets warmed and the closed roots will re-open.
ii) Apply neem oil or mustard oil by Nasya karma
iii) Apply hair oil atleast two times a week. Use Bringraj hair oil or kalbanda hair oil or usirika hairoil or coconut oil till the oil reaches roots. Gently massage and wrap one cloth. Take head bath with soap nut or seeka kaya early in the morning.
iv) Soak 5 pieces triphalas (Taanikaaya, usirikaya, karakkaya) over night. Apply the filtered water to head and comb the hair. Hair fall stops and hair regrows.
v) Apply onion juice with cotton cloth on the bald patches and gently massage. Take bath after it is dried.
vi) Make paste of onion seeds powder by grinding with water. Apply the paste on the bald patches and take bath after it dries.
Recipe No.6:
Take boorugu jiguru (gum), nela taadi dumpalu and tamara ginjalu in equal proportion, make pieces, dry and make powder and store. Take little powder grind it with water and apply the paste to the bald portion. Wait for one hour and wash. Do this for 2 to 3 times a week till the hair restarts growing.

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  10. Sai Sudarsanam, New Delhi Says:

    Dear Pinky
    The recipes mentioned above are for both male and female.

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    Pl. refer to Dr.Elchuri's recipes for 'Excess fat in chest' uploaded in September, 2009 in this blog

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    I am sorry I may not be able to post videos as requested by you. Since I am a working employee I have limited time to spare. You can write to somebody on Dr.Elchuri's blog or some volunteers who may be eager to publish his videos.

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    We got Red Radish here… can i use red one's for this treatment.. please anyone answer me…

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    Hi Saisunderam garu,

    For hairbaldness i applied white radish juice on my head on night.When i was applied it was very burning for 10 min after that it was ok.Is that burning sensation is common for this treatment.Please let me know is thet cause any problem?

    And any one face the same issue?

  18. gayathri Says:

    dear i am also facing same problem with onion no inflammation but with radish there is burning sensation.i think it is radish nature.but did u grow any hair on bald patches,since how long u r applying this

  19. Sai Sudarsanam, New Delhi Says:

    With raddish juice the burning problem is natural as it has sharp pungent (ghaatu) taste. Generally in winters the burning sensation may be less as the raddish in winters do not have pungent taste.

  20. pappu Says:

    Hi Sai Sudarshnam garu,

    I wanted to try the recipes whch were given in your blog but I request you please let me know the availability of required medicines to make the oil and other medicines.

    Presently I am in Vijayawada, here I cound nt find any ayurveda store.

    Please reply me with update.

    Thanks in Advance!

  21. pappu Says:

    Hi Sai Sudarshnam garu,

    I wanted to try the recipes which were given in your blog but I request you please let me know the availability of required medicines to make the oil and other medicines.

    Presently I am in Vijayawada, here I could n't find any Ayurveda store.

    Please reply me with update.

    Thanks in Advance!

  22. Sai Sudarsanam, New Delhi Says:

    Dear Ravi
    The ingradients for various recipes will be available in Pachaari shops.
    You can try in one of the following addresses at Guntur which is nearby to you:
    1) Kothamasu Mallikarjuna Rao
    (Pachaari shop)
    Near Bosu statue, Fruit market, Lalapet Main road, Guntur 522003 (A.P.)
    Ph.0863-6639663, 9247108069
    2) Paadarti Harish, D.No.22-1-102, Near Subhash chandra Bose statue, Lalape, Main road, Guntur-522003 (A.P.)
    Ph.0863-6630663, 9866955655

  23. rajesh Says:

    hi Elchiri garu,

    Please tel me how I can control my hair fall and regrow of my lost hair.

    As per your blog I have been using medicines which were mentioned in your blog but my hair fall was not controlled and am worried about this. Please let me know the solution to control my hair fall and regrow of my lost hair on the bold spots. I am 24 years.

    Also please tell me the precautions when am use these medicines so that it will be helpful me to get my hair back.

    Thanks in Advance!


  24. Sai Sudarsanam, New Delhi Says:

    Dear Rajesh
    This is not the blog of Dr.Elchuri. Do not expect to get a reply from him. You have to take appointment and consult him personally for detailed suggestions.
    This blog is a compliation of his recipes posted by me being his fan.
    You should get relief if you sincerely use his prescriptions.
    With best wishes

  25. rajesh Says:

    Can anyone of them please advise how to control hair fall.

    I have been using these medicines since one month but my hair fall was not controlled. When am applying the oil on my head, hair is falling more than 60 follicles.

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    Please help me me out from this issue.

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  26. Sai Sudarsanam, New Delhi Says:

    Dear Rajesh
    Pl do not expect Dr.Elchuri to reply on this blog.
    Have you tried the recipes listed under 'Hair loss'?
    You can try Baba Ramdev's hair oil for further hair fall if you find it difficult to procure the herbs listed in the recipes of Dr. Elchuri. But you have to use it regularly for atleast two to three months. Then only you can find the change. Apart from having the hair loss rectification there are several other benefits which that oil gives.
    With regards

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    As i have been using your medicines since 2 months but I have not found any development on my hair, could you please advise me how to control my hair fall and regrow of my lost hair.

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    3. one powder using at night before sleeping.

    Could you please suggest me whether the above medicines are ok or need to use anymore medicines including this.

    Please reply me with update as it is very much useful to me to get my lost hair.

    Thanks in Advance!!!

  29. Sai Sudarsanam, New Delhi Says:

    Dear Ravi
    Pl correct your comment. These are not my medicines. These are called herbal ingradients and are suggested by Dr.Elchuri.
    So it is upto you to try all or some of the recipes as narrated by Dr.Elchuri. If you feel that the recipes are not working you better consult Dr.Elchuri at Hyderabad for some internal treatment.
    With regards

  30. pappu Says:

    Hello Sai Sudarsanam Garu,

    I have consulted Dr.Elchuri garu in the month of October'2010, as suggested by him, I am using the herbals.

    When I am applying oil on my head, I am losing more than 40 hair follicles, due to this I am very much worrying to apply the oil.

    Kindly please let me know how to control hair fall and regrow my lost hair on bald spots.

    During the use of herbals can you please suggest me whether I can eat all the food(veg & Non Veg).

    Please suggest me what type of food to be taken during the course.


  31. Hema Says:


    I have prepared the oil with garlic peel ash and olive oil as suggested by Dr. Elchuri for turning grey hair black and have been using it for more than 45 days now continuously. I do not see any change so far. Would appreciate if anyone who has tried can tell me how many days/months does it take to see results? I'm very concerned.

  32. Ravi Says:

    Hi Hema,

    One of my friend was using this receipts since 4 months and I also observed that his hair is regrowing now where the bold spots. I also using last 2 months and now my hair growing is very good but not found any improvement on my regrowth. But I have a hope to get my hair which I last on the head.

    You can continue to use these receipts, definitely you will get good result.

    Thanks a lot to Dr.Elchuri garu and his team whoever giving us the good direction to use these receipts.

    Thanks a lot…

  33. Sai Sudarsanam, New Delhi Says:

    Hope Ravi's experience will help one and all to gain confidence in regrowing their hair on bald head.
    Recipe No.2 will be ideal for people who have lost hope.
    One has to tonsure the head and then follow the Recipe No.2 to regrow hair. Depending on the body toxins and internal organ system, the period for regrowing of hair may vary from person to person. So one has to patiently wait till he gets the benefit.
    Meanwhile one has to eat ore leafy vegetable to increase their vitamin A along with other fruit or food supplements and follow the above recipes for earlier benefit.
    Wishing all the best.

  34. Balu Says:

    hello sir,

    iam 26 years old and iam from visakhapatnam. My problem is 'Penu Korukudu' .can you tell me which is the best procedure to cure this and is the hair regrowths at that place? nenu konni injections chepinchanu but there is no use with that . now it is in the starting stage so pls help me .if you dont mind can you give your contact number once ?
    my mail id is :[email protected]
    vizag lo emana branch vundha

  35. Ravi Says:

    Hi Balu,

    You can use the receipts of Dr.Elchuri garu, there are very good receipts to get your hair back, as I have been using the same since 3 months and my friends are also using for hair loss problem and they are recovering from their problem.

    You can try the receipts and wait for some days to expect the result.

    Hope this will be helpful….


  36. Ravi Says:


    I am not able to control the hair fall and when I am applying the oil on my head I found that there is very much dandruff. This is also the cause I am loosing my hair.

    Please advice any receipt to control hair fall shortly.

    Also request you please how can apply the raddish and onion juice on my head and how long I need to follow this procedure. Weekly how many times need to apply the same.

    Please advice anyone…

  37. Balu Says:

    hi Ravi,

    here my problem is not hair falling that is "penu Korukudu"

  38. Balu Says:

    hi Ravi,

    here my problem is not hair falling that is "penu Korukudu"

  39. Ravi Says:

    Hi balu,

    you can use the same receipts for your problem also, as it is useful for all hair problems.

    If you need any clarifications on this, please read the blog under hair loss. So that you can get good idea and how to use these receipts.


  40. Sai Sudarsanam, New Delhi Says:

    Dear Sri Ravi
    Why dont you try Kalabanda Hair oil suggested by Dr.Elchuri.
    With regards

  41. Ravi Says:

    Dear Sir,

    Can you please advice, where Kalabanda hair oil is available in Hyderabad, as I am unable to locate the store where it would be available, If you give the details of the store, I will purchase and use it as early as possible.

    Please inform me the store details it would be useful to me.

    Thanks in Advance!!!

  42. Sai Sudarsanam, New Delhi Says:

    Dear Ravi garu
    You have to prepare kalabanda hair oil yourself as narrated by Dr.Elchuri. I doubt whether it is readily available in the market.
    You can try for aloe vera plant, extract the jelly and prepare oil as described in the recipe.
    Otherwise you can purchase Aloe vera oil (Rs.200/-) available in Baba Ramdev Clinic/centre in your area and proceed as per the recipe to prepare the hair oil.

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