Recipe No.1

Karakkaya : 100 gm
Taanikaya : 100 gm
Usiri kaya : 100 gm
Sonthi : 100 gm
Pippali : 100 gm
Pepper : 100 gm
Saindhava lavanam: 100 gm
Fry all the above contents and make powder. Sieve and store.

Take three pinches daily along with water.
Excess fat in chest melts away.
Recipe No.2:
Sesame oil: 100 gm. Boil and remove from flame.
Add 20 gm camphor powder, 10 gm pepper powder and 10 gm pippali powder. Stir it well and store in a bottle.
Usage: Apply to the chest from top to the sides. Massage outwards so that excess fat melts away after usage for a few days. Take bath after one hour.

18 Responses to “Dr.Elchuri’s recipes for EXCESS FAT IN CHEST”

  1. Bharty Says:

    Is it for both male n female

  2. Sai Sudarsanam, New Delhi Says:

    Yes it is either for both male or female

  3. komala Says:

    where will we get these medicines..Karakkaya ,Taanikaya,Usiri kaya ,
    Sonthi.Pippali ,Saindhava lavanam.
    will it be available in ayurvedic shop.

  4. Sai Sudarsanam, New Delhi Says:

    Yes you will get them in Ayurvedic herbal shops. Ayurvedic medical shop people may guide you where herbal shops are located.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    hi am excited after seeing this receipe and immediately i went to a near by ayurvedic shop and got all the ingredients and later felt like giving a comment on this blog i want to really know whether this is going to work if u continously use for 3 months seriously am going to experiment with it and post the results after 3 months.

  6. Sai Sudarsanam, New Delhi Says:

    Dear Anonymous
    This recipe is narrated by Dr.Elchuri. It will give good result by following the precautions he told. i.e. massaging outside while applying the oil. Results are bound to come

  7. Anonymous Says:

    hi sir,
    dis is mahesh from vizag
    my chest was so large,i am looking to go for surgery, but serching in google i came to know about ur blog,
    is this method really work for males??
    if so,how many days it will take to effect?
    please give me an advice,
    waiting for ur reply..

  8. Sai Sudarsanam, New Delhi Says:

    Dear Anonymous
    The recipes are both for female and males. As per Dr.Elchuri change should come within 40 days. If there is result it may be continued till normalacy.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Are all these contents need to be dry?.Can we get dry version in ayurvedic shops. Should we powder all these without seeds?.

    Thanks In Advance

  10. vamsi Says:

    sir,is there any recipe for phymosis………..

  11. vamsi Says:

    boorugu chettu nu english lo yemantaru sir……….

  12. Sai Sudarsanam, New Delhi Says:

    Booruga chettu is cotton tree in english

  13. Anonymous Says:

    sir,tell me about the cure for phimosis(tightening of penis fore skin )……..

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Sir the recipe of oil should it be applied at specified time like early in the morning in empty stomach or at anytime in the day.

  15. Sai Sudarsanam, New Delhi Says:

    Dr.Elchuri has not specified the usage but only told that after one hour of application of oil, one can take bath

  16. Anonymous Says:


    For Recipe 1 , do we fry all content in oil , ghee and how much should I fry it (total frying might make it loose it's healthy properties , isn't it?). Please reply. Thanks.

  17. Sai Sudarsanam, New Delhi Says:

    The contents should be fried separately without oil, powdered and stored for use

  18. Anonymous Says:

    hi sir,

    my chest looks like brest shape… some kind fat is avilable near to nipples

    will this really work out male breast reduction.

    please suggest …..

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