All these problems are inflicted in human body once the immunity of the system goes down due to several reasons. Joint pains prevail, body temperature increases and weakness prevails.

The following precautions and use of any one of the remedies for preventing and curing the above problems will be helpful to one and all !

  1. Extract juice of Papaya leaf and take two spoons early in the morning. Platelet count improves rapidly and reaches the 1.5 lakh – 4.5 lakh range which is the normal value for a healthy person. Can be stopped once the platelet count improves.
  2. Extract juice from wheat grass and take atleast 100 to 150 ml daily. It is panacea for several problems and prevents cures the above problems.
  3. Extract juice of Methi leaves (Menthi aaku) and take 100 to 150 ml. This will not only improve immunity but also increases the reduced heart rate of a person.
  4. Extract drumstick leaves juice and take 100 to 150 ml. daily. improves the immunity of a person.
  5. Take the juice of Giloi ( Tippa teega) leaves and take 100 to 150 ml. This will not only prevent the Swine flu but also improves the general immunity and cures several problems.
  6. Extract tulasi leaves juice and take one to two spoons daily in the morning. This is our motherly herb of the ancients suggested by one and all for overall development and prevention of diseases.
  7. Those who do not have the facility to extract the above juices, can purchase Tulasi and Giloi tablets (available in ayurvedic pachari shops or Baba Ramdev’s clinic). Take two tablets three times daily. This will protect us from the current problems and develops immunity of the body to throw away the disease causing germs from the body.
  8. Take 50 to 100 ml of Go-mutra (filtered seven times) (Cow’s urine) early in the morning. Panacea for several diseases. Go-mutra is available in filtered from Aasharam Bapu’s outlets.
  9. Take one spoon of Aamla powder added with candy sugar powder and drink a glass of water. Cures several blood related problems.
  10. Take red mushroom powder available in capsule form. This works as a base to rectify our Immunity problems and helps throwing out the harmful toxins, harmful bacteria and free radicals out of our body and thereby preparing our body to work with the various medicines allopathic/ayurvedic/homeopathic/unani consumed by us to cure different health problems.
  11. Drinking tender coconut water thrice a day will throw out the disease causing virus causing Dengue and Chicken guinea out from Liver.


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